Posted by: Bret Simmons | March 23, 2010

Give Yourself Permission To Be Excellent

Want to live a life of abundance? Then you have to be willing to do things others are not willing to do. If all you are ever willing to do is only what you see others doing, then you are by definition unremarkable – mediocre.

But get ready. As soon as you decide to pursue excellence and do things your peers are not willing to do, you will experience strong pressure to STOP being different. Your pursuit of excellence will make your peers look unremarkable, and that makes them uncomfortable.

The rules of competition are being fundamentally re-written in almost every industry. If you are like most people, you will wait for someone else to define the new rules of the game, wait for them to tell you what those new rules are, and then wait for them to give you permission to play by the new rules. The best you can ever hope to achieve is competitive parity.

The few in pursuit of excellence will give themselves permission to become part of the conversation about what the new rules will be, and give themselves permission to play by these new rules as they help define them. Those that help define the new rules will always have an advantage over those that are forced to conform to the new rules.

Social media gives everyone an opportunity to have a voice in the conversation about what the new competitive spaces should look like. But you can’t have something for nothing, and there is no instant pudding. If you want to have a voice, you have to be willing to invest the time to listen to others, affirm their voices, and then add your value to the conversation.

It is very unremarkable to make your social media activities all about you. Everyone is already doing that.

Give yourself permission to be excellent.

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  1. I like your message! Please contact me at 775 857 9535. or email me details so I can get on your same sheet of music.

  2. […] you have given yourself permission to be excellent, consider sharing that excellence with others through personal branding.  Your personal brand is […]

  3. Nice! This was so inspiring that I wrote a blog on the topic. Dr. B.: I linked back and credited this blog. I stole your picture for the post. Hope you don’t mind!

    • I loved your blog post, Paul! Thanks for making me aware and for even finding and reading this post. Bret

  4. […] In this video, I encourage folks to give themselves permission to be excellent. What I have to say in this video fits with my theme of positive organizational behavior, so I am posting it for you here and encourage you to take 2 minutes to watch it. You can find the text of that article by clicking here. […]

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