Posted by: Bret Simmons | March 26, 2010

The New Marketing Paradigm

This video is about 5 minutes long, but if you are interested in using the new relational platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) on the Web to market yourself or your business, then it is worth your time. If you show up on these new platforms with your worn out advertising and marketing tactics you are not going to be successful. Unless you understand the new paradigm of marketing and its basic operating principles, you cannot fully leverage the power of Web 2.0, The Relational Web.

In this video, I discuss the following:

  • Interruption vs. permission marketing
  • Content and conversation
  • Consistently contribute value – the new operating principle

Joe Pulizi (one of our SM@RT 2010 conference presenters) and Newt Barrett sum the new paradigm up nicely in their book “Get Content, Get Customers: Turn Prospects Into Buyers With Content Marketing”:

Content marketing isn’t about marketing in the old way. It isn’t about intercepting and bothering prospective customers while they’re doing something else. It isn’t about intrusion at all. Content marketing is about getting customers to invite you to interact with them. It’s about creating relationships that transcend transactions….The secret of content marketing is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and look for opportunities to simplify and improve her life. (p. xv).

The goal of the new paradigm of content and inbound marketing is to become a trusted resource of information and advice centered around your value. Never forget that we don’t trust people we think don’t care about us, so if you make yourself instead of your customers the center of your online universe, you will fail.

Never show up to sell. Always show up to contribute value and strive to be genuinely helpful. If you will do that, the sale will take care of itself and instead of closing one sale, you will close multiple sales.

Strangers become friends, friends become customers, and they spread the word about you and your business. If you understand and apply the new paradigm of marketing on these new platforms, they can be some of the “best damn marketing tools” (according to Tom Peters) you will ever use.

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  1. I think its strange that as you talk about your “new paradigm” you have an ugly little interruption watermark over your video, and my least favorite thing ever… Snap Shots pop outs.

    • Well… if you watched, the video was a recording of me doing a live presentation. I had a powerpoint showing behind me, which you can’t see in the shot. So the powerpoint slide was inserted in the video to reference what I was talking about. Thanks, Bret

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and look forward to attending your seminar on April 22 in Minden. We have been trying to understand these new web platforms and how to use them. We want to do it right the first time!

    • I checked out your site Nancy and you are off to a great start! I think this class in a few weeks will help. It will be fun. Thanks! Bret

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