Posted by: Bret Simmons | March 28, 2010


I view social media platforms as tools, not toys, we use to document and communicate our value. If you are serious about personal branding and not just playing around, you should never post anything, anytime, anywhere that you would not be comfortable allowing anyone to view.

Be an open book online. You want people to examine you so that they can see who you are, what you are about, and how you might be able to help them address opportunities or solve problems that matter to them.

If you are opaque instead of transparent online, I think you send a mixed message about yourself and your brand. If you behave online as if you have something to hide, should you really expect people to trust you?

Don’t buy the bad advice. Forget about looking around to see what others are doing. Let good judgement and professionalism define your behavior, both in person and online.

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  1. Very true. Great words. Why is it that SO many of us post things that we’d never dream of saying to a friend of a colleague? Social media is just as much about having a conversation in Starbucks as it is about posting an update on Twitter. It’s ALL social. And the sooner we have the same kind of integrity on-line as we do off-line – the better “social media” will be for all of us.

    • Welcome, Jeremy. You ask a great question. Wish I knew the answer. I think part of it is so many people see their friends doing stupid things, they let themselves believe it must be OK. But as we know, it is not ok. Thanks! Bret

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