Posted by: Bret Simmons | April 13, 2010

Don’t Miss The Value Of Being Personal

We don’t do business with logos – we do business with people. If you are a business owner or leader, you should step out in front of your business and be personal in social media. Use your name, your picture, and your purpose as you establish a presence on social sites, then link your personal brand back to your business brand.

If you will take the time and make the effort to be personal, you will immediately differentiate yourself from your faceless and nameless competition. I will go out of my way to do business with you because you earned it by treating me with individual consideration and trying to build my trust and permission instead of treating me as a sale and blasting me with spam and interruption marketing tactics.

Don’t miss the value of being personal.

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  1. What’s the old say, “All things being equal, people buy from people. All things NOT being equal – people still buy from people”. Never did quite understand it but I’m sure there’s some wisdom in there somewhere. Great video and a good point well made. Just because we are living much of our life on the internet – doesn’t mean we can’t be personal. We can be more personal than ever – it just takes a bit of effort to cut through all the rubbish that exists out there.

    • Excellent point, Jeremy. The deal is still always closed in person. You can’t be “social” on line and then be evasive and cold offline (e.g. don’t return calls) and expect to do more business. Thanks! Bret

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