Posted by: Bret Simmons | July 5, 2010

The Connecting Power Of Twitter: An Example

I am currently in London teaching a study abroad class in International Organizational Behavior through UNR Extended Studies and the UNR College of Business. Several months ago, I tweeted a few times that I was going to be in London this summer and I was looking for guest speakers for my class.

Today, Eileen Brown spoke to my class about social media and personal branding. She was fabulous – we enjoyed her talk and really appreciated the effort she made to come in to London to speak to us for an hour.

I’ve never met Eileen before today, and actually never even communicated with her until a few weeks ago. Another of my twitter “friends” in the UK, Bruce Lynn, responded to my request directly, and then introduced me to Eileen via e-mail.  I’m now connected to Eileen on Twitter, but I was not at the time I made my twitter request for speakers.

Bruce will speak to my class tomorrow, and another of my Twitter connections, Christine Livingston, will speak to us next week. If I were not active on Twitter, I never would have connected to these folks and had the opportunity to meet them and hear from them personally while in London.

Twitter is one of my favorite social networking sites.  Even though Facebook has more users, Twitter is an open platform, which for me means that I can establish valuable connections with a lot more people in many more places than I ever could with my small and selective group of Facebook “friends”.

Here are some tips for those that want to get started with Twitter. I have two Twitter accounts, one for SM@RT 2010 and one for Positive Organizational Behavior. When you get on Twitter, make sure to connect to me on both!



  1. TeenEngage is a collaboration between UNR journalism students and the International Center, the U.S. Department of State, high-school students in Algeria and Nevada and five important organizations in the Northern Nevada region. We’re creating social change one post at a time.

    Every community around the world has different needs. People are faced with problems ranging from lack of clean water or need for local health care clinics to significant political challenges. We are creating a model for social change around the world.

    You’re reading this on social media. This means of communication has no geographical boundaries. You could be anywhere in the world. You can communicate with us with little or no permission. Together we can get people talking and avoid many government controls.

    We’re learning how to change organizations in Reno, so that other people, mainly teenagers, the undisputed champions of social media, can drive attention to important issues in their community, no matter where it may be. More than 30 Algerian high-school students will return home in a few weeks with ideas and practical social media ideas.

    Join us in using social media to create social change. Teenengage is our idea, but our solution rests in your hands. Join us. Friend us. Find us. Follow us. You are our model for creating social change, one post at a time.

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