Posted by: Bret Simmons | August 27, 2010

Three Steps To Personal Branding: Guest Post By Nikolas Allen

Nikolas Allen made this video especially for SM@RT 2010 in response to a post at the Student Branding Blog entitled “Do You Have A Personal Branding Success Story?” Nikolas contacted me and I loved his story, but since he was not really a student I invited him to tell his story here.  In this video, which I strongly encourage you to watch, Nikolas briefly describes how he used a three step process to get a job with personal branding:

1. Know your brand

2. Get online and use social media tools to share your brand in a consistent manner with the world

3. Get offline and live your brand in your community

“Know what you want your brand to be” is the most important advice Nikolas has to offer. When you watch the video, you can see Nikolas has done a great job of defining and communicating his brand. Nikolas brand is “a bold, fun, edgy pop-artist with passion for branding and marketing and a desire to share my expertise with others.”  I think you will see that he has nailed it.

I LOVE his message that your blog is the single most powerful tool you have to communicate your brand. As he says, and I concur, the blog is “home-base.”

“Protect the integrity of your brand and live as if people are watching, because online they are,” is the excellent advice Nikolas gives about how to operate on your personal account on Facebook, and once again I strongly concur. With your professional or business page on Facebook, make sure it is on message for your brand and offers people real value.

On Twitter, provide value to your followers by sharing content that is consistent with your brand and helpful.  With Youtube, once again, develop content that can help people succeed with their own lives or businesses.

That’s all online, but offline is also important. Do not neglect “living your brand” and connecting with people in person.

Nikolas’ brand helped him land a job as the marketing director at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka, CA.  Congratulations, Nikolas!

And thank you very much for this awesome video, Nikolas. Your brand rocks!

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  1. Bret, Thank YOU for the opportunity to share my social media success story with your viewers. I’m honored that you appreciate my message and my brand!

    Looks like an awesome lineup for the SM@RT Conference. I’m sure it’s gonna be great and I hope it’s a raging success for all involved!

    Nikolas Allen

    • Thanks to you, Nikolas! Hope to see you at SM@RT, maybe this year as an attendee or next year as a presenter! Keep in touch. Bret

      • Sounds awesome, Bret. I’d love to be involved next year! Keep me in mind and I’ll definitely stay in touch.

      • will do. Bret

  2. Hey Nikolas – I’m a personal branding advocate – i just wanted to condone you on the third steps which most of us forget about and tend to forget that your personal brand is a full time job – that includes your online and offline community. Great reminder, thank you!

    • Welcome, John! I too agree Nikolas nailed a point that too many of us forget. Oddly enough, successful personal branding is about others, what you can do to help them, not about what you can do to help yourself. Thanks! Bret

      • Hi John – Thanks for your comment and kind words. You are right, branding IS a full-time job. The Naysayers, who think personal branding is “manipulative,” don’t realize that it’s not about making people THINK you’re an extraordinary human being, it’s about BECOMING an extraordinary human being. That, of course, takes more than tweets, updates and blog posts to do 🙂

        And, to Bret’s point, my mantra is: It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. When you figure that out, your entire Marketing Message shifts. Powerful stuff!

  3. @ Nikolas Allen – TOTALLY! Your brand isn’t what YOu say it is – it’s what THEY say it is.

    • Nickolas nailed it. Thanks! Bret

    • Jeremy, So glad you concur 🙂 Thanks for chiming in.

      Your blog looks exciting! I’m stoked to check it out further.

      Anyone who names their blog, “Sex, Brands & Rock n’ Roll” is A-OK by me!

      Best, Nikolas Allen

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