Posted by: milenaregos | September 30, 2010

SMART your marketing and social media


Milena Regos

Milena Regos


I love to travel. One day on a trip to Thailand I found myself reading the New York Times newspaper at a lovely cafe on Koh Phangan island (very well known for its full moon parties).  While enjoying the sunshine, I ran across an article on how to be SMART in business and in marketing. It’s an easy concept yet vital to the success of every marketing effort. It’s learning to set SMART objectives for what you are going to do and being able to measure them. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. (SMART also stands for Social Media at Reno Tahoe). Wikipedia gives good description of SMART, SMARTER (SMART plus Evaluate and Re-Evaluate) as well as DUMB (Doable, Understandable, Manageable and Beneficial) objectives but it this post I’ll concentrate on SMART only.

S – Specific.

Specific objectives are clear and well-defined. Create a specific objective in your marketing or social media that explains to the entire team what the purpose is. A specific social media objective could be gain 1,000 valuable fans on Facebook or create a social media strategy in 3 months.

M – Measurable.

You can only manage and improve what you can measure. Is your SMART objective measurable. If your objective is to have 1,000 new Facebook fans, then you will know exactly where you stand on a daily basis and can make changes to your plan based on your outcome.

A – Achievable.

Don’t set goals for yourself and your team that are not realistic. You will get disappointed and struggle with motivating your people. A good objective is one that is achievable. Be realistic. Take small steps. When venturing on social media for your brand, don’t jump on all social networks at once and expect to build a community. Be patient. It takes a long time to establish relationships. If your 1,000 new Facebook likes is not achievable maybe you should lower your goal to 500. Achievable also deals with making sure all tools and resources are available for the objective to be accomplished. If you lack in resources, skills or people then your objective will suffer.

R – Relevant.

Social media should not be treated as its own medium. Your objectives need to align with your overall business and marketing goals. Having 1,000 new Facebook fans is a specific objective but how does that relate to your marketing goal of improving customer service or to your business objective of increasing revenue. Make sure your social media objectives tie into your entire marketing communication strategy. A relevant objective should be connected to the overall goal of the company.

T – Timely.

Setting deadlines to each objective with help with making sure they are being completed. For example, get 1,000 new Facebook likes by Nov 1 is much more specific objective than simply trying to reach 1,000 new likes. Now you have an objective you could really measure.

Use SMART goals for your business, marketing and social media plans. I highly recommend you become SMARTER with your social media efforts. See what works, evaluate your plan and change your strategy as needed.

SMART is a simple concept that is easy to implement and follow. I’m sure that some of you are already using it. Leave a comment and let me know how it’s working for you. And if you have a chance, visit Thailand one day – beautiful people and amazing country.


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