Posted by: Jim McClenahan | September 30, 2010

Social Media: Make sure you can stand behind what you say


Allan Colman

Allan Colman


This post is from Allan Colman, one of our featured breakout speakers at sm@rt.

Social networking sites enjoy some protection under the law when it comes to receiving immunity (or at least legal consideration) from people or organizations that are harmed by content that is posted on their networks. But while Facebook execs can sleep more easily at night knowing that they aren’t likely to be dragged into court for what someone says on their site, people who use social media sites don’t get that same protection.

When you’re posting a message to a social media site–especially a message that might be particularly spirited or opinionated–be sure to give yourself a reality check for potentially defamatory statements or other types of content that may cause you issues. And don’t think that you can slide a quick post up and then delete it if you change your mind in a few moments-unlike other mediums, the Internet has a long memory, even for those things you may like to forget or regret you’ve ever said.


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